Unique, patent pending clamping mechanism

  • No high pressure pneumatics!
  • Maintenance at approximately 5,000-cycles
  • Nominal 67N (15-lbs) clamping force per clamp, operator adjustable
  • Designed for film thickness up to 1.5mm (0.06-in.)
  • Standard 8:1 (8x) stretch ratio in both axes using a 58mm square sample
  • Optional 4:1 (4x) stretch ratio in both axes using a 106mm square sample

Force transducer on each axis for accurate stress vs. strain data

  • Two force measuring ranges for maximizing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Overload and temperature immune
  • Optional custom calibrations

Servo Motor actuation

  • Speeds from 0 to 500-mm/sec (20-in/sec)
  • Pull force up to 1,110-N (250-lbf)
  • Optional high-speed upgrade

Powerful and accurate thermal environment

  • Standard maximum temperature of 225°C (440°F)
  • Multi-node thermal control
    • Upper plate heater
    • Lower plate heater
    • Sample blower heater located directly beneath sample
    • Rear forced convection blower heater
    • Clip heating for maintaining and monitoring uniform clamp temperature
  • Heating Options Available
    • Additional heating elements (i.e., upper sample blower heater for thick films, etc.)
    • High temperature configurations up to 600°C
    • Multi-temperature configurations
    • 3rd-party calibrated or N.I.S.T. certified thermocouples or RTD's

Windows®-based control system:

  • Workstation w/ Windows Vista Business
  • 15” touch screen LCD monitor
  • 16-bit data acquisition
  • Multiple node temperature monitoring and control
  • Each axis independently controllable
  • uni-axial, simultaneous, or sequential bi-axial stretching
  • constant velocity (const. engr. strain) motion profile
  • Optional motion profiles and feed-back loops available
  • Call to discuss your application

2-day on-site installation and training provided for customers in the continental United States

  • Additional or out-of-area installation assistance and/or training billed at prevailing rates


  • 240VAC single-phase, 30-amp service
  • 90-psi clean and dry compressed air


  • 2400 mm (94.5 in.) x 3500 mm (138 in.), including operator