Cleaning up hazardous and nuclear waste is simple, safe, and effective with Inventure Laboratories’ SafeVac systems.

Traditional industrial cleanup tools for hazardous and nuclear materials can result in unsatisfactory worker exposure. Patented SafeVac, specifically engineered to ALARA principles, is the solution:

* Maximize operator safety.
* Minimize maintenance.
* Minimize secondary waste generation.
* Eliminate nuclear criticality concerns.

SafeVac utilizes a unique three-step collection method which has an efficiency rating of 99.999% on particles down to 0.12 µm.

Step 1 Cyclonic separation with up to 95% efficiency on particles 0.2 µm and larger.*
Step 2 HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 µm.
Step 3 ULPA exhaust filter with 99.999% efficiency at 0.12 µm.

Standard features & benefits

  • Designed for use with radioactive and other hazardous materials
  • 316L stainless steel construction ensures easy decontamination
  • 5-inch diameter cyclone separator
    Industrial quality 87-cfm pump produces 102 inches of water column vacuum
  • 3-step particle separation/collection extends life of filter elements
  • Translucent plastic collection bottle gives user a visual indication of operation
  • Laser-certified ULPA final filtration is 99.999% efficient at 0.12 µm
  • 110 - 120VAC, single phase electrical with 30 foot grounded cord
  • Wheeled cart, to help ease transport and meet criticality spacing requirements
  • Maximum 59 dB(A) at 6.5 feet for whisper quiet operation
  • Conductive plastic hose and accessories provide ESD protection

Optional features

  • Scalable technology allows for much larger systems
  • Systems custom designed for other specific radioactive or contaminated compounds
  • Systems for use with gloveboxes, isolators, or environmental enclosures
  • Explosion proof electrical components
  • Custom-designed and manufactured systems to meet your critical requirements


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SafeVac Comparison

SafeVac Brochure

Safe Alternative to ShopVacuums

The cyclonic separator precipitates particles 0.2 - 5 µm and greater into a rigid, translucent container for ease of disposal - translucent to allow the operator to monitor fill levels. Maintenance of the system is greatly reduced over traditional methods because the vast majority of particles are removed from the air stream before reaching the two progressively finer exhaust filters. These filters virtually eliminate contamination of the vacuum motor and reintroduction of material back into the work environment.

Three-step, progressively finer particle removal protects and prolongs the life of the most important filter, the exhaust filter. A maintained clean exhaust filter ensures that contaminated material does not re-enter the work environment.