Safe Drum Lid Restraint System

Drum lids are removed safely and securely

Lids will not come open during storage and/or transit. Inventure Laboratories’ Safe Drum Lid Restraining Device is designed to be strong and safe yet light weight for easy handling.

The lid restraining device shown is suitable for drums from 55 gallons to 110 gallons. A similar restraint for smaller drums (down to 10 gallons) is also available, as are custom drum lid restraints.

For ease of installation and removal of the lid restraint device, all nuts are provided with slip-on lock nuts and handles for quick tightening and loosening.

Fabricated from aluminum, the lid restraining device is lightweight and heavy duty, and it can be handled by one person. Lifting rings are provided for easily moving and transporting full drums.

Protect the safety of your personnel with a Safe Drum Lid Restraining Device from Inventure Laboratories.