Access Window

AccuPull's innovative access window makes sample loading simple, safe, and ergonomic. It is designed to minimize disturbance to the thermal environment resulting in more accurate control of rheological parameters.

Unlike competitors' instruments, the AccuPull hood features a small loading window that eliminates the need to open the entire hood or bring the stretch head into ambient air to mount the sample. A vacuum sample-loading wand accurately and repeatably handles the sample during loading, in view of the operator at all times.

Clamping Mechanism

The heart of the AccuPull is its patent-pending stretch head. Similar to a tenter frame, this is the mechanism by which a uniform strain is applied across each side of the sample.

The clamping force in competitor's instruments is traditionally generated through high-pressure pneumatics — each clamp is a miniature pneumatic cylinder operating on 800 - 1200 psi nitrogen.

AccuPull employs a patent-pending spring-loaded mechanism instead of pneumatics for clamping. Eliminating high-pressure pneumatics reduces the complexity and maintenance of the pantograph clamping mechanisms. The quantity of springs per clamp can be varied to achieve the desired clamping force.

This unique clamping system enables AccuPull to be used for applications up to 600°C with optional high-temperature packages.

In addition to reduced maintenance and high-temperature applications, the benefit of AccuPull's clamping approach is improved data acquisition characteristics. The high-pressure pneumatic tubing employed on competitor's mechanisms exerts small but measurable forces on the clamps. Eliminating background mechanical noises associated with pneumatic and hydraulic systems increases the "signal-to-noise ratio" thus improving data acquisition performance.

Interactive Interface

AccuPull's easy to use Windows®-based interface provides for control, measurement, and analysis. The software allows control of thermal, motion, and data acquisition. Data files can be read in Microsoft® Excel, Access and other popular spreadsheets and database programs.

Touch-screen interace from which the operator can easily control all aspects of the instrument.

System Configuration

System Configuration allows the operator to define units of measure, thermal, and data acquisition parameters for the work environment.

Test Specification Manager

Test Specification Manager is a simple, macro based control interface.  Uniaxial, biaxial, sequential biaxial, and relaxation (move backward) motion profiles can be combined into the same program.


Test Specification Manager provides the operator with automatic and repeatable control of machine parameters including mechanical operations, data acquisition, and stretch parameters. Stretch parameters can be independently controlled for each axis – parameters include acceleration, deceleration, velocity (strain rate), and distance (strain).

The program shown is a biaxial stretch (“X =Y” is checked) with one pre-stretch step after a 75-second thermal soak time.

Data Manager

Data Manager provides the operator with a user-friendly interface for reviewing, sorting, and exporting data to Microsoft Excel or Access. From within Excel or Access, the operator can interpret the data and share with other researchers and management.

Compact and Affordable

AccuPull's small size maximizes your laboratory space.

With a footprint of 2.4 x 3.5 meters (94.5 x 138 inches)–including the operator–AccuPull is smaller than competing equipment. In addition, your investment is smaller. You can have the exceptional performance and ease of operation that AccuPull offers at a very competitive price. Call us today at (865) 531-8258, and request a quote for your application.


Your success is our success.

With the purchase of a new AccuPull, Inventure Laboratories provides two days of installation and training within the continental United States.

Remote log-in and troubleshooting is available to address common problems or concerns, and periodic software updates are provided.

We are available to support you and your AccuPull by phone Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm Eastern. Call (865) 531-8258. You may also contact us by email: Additional training, installation, and support is available at prevailing rates.